Heart Diamond
Emerald Diamond
Every diamond is a miracle of time and nature. Given its importance, we recommend all our clients to make an informed decision as to what they want their new family jewellery to be.
Vivaz, a Hong Kong based company, is a newly innovated diamond consulting service which specializes in impeccably crafted certified solitaire engagement rings. Whether you have a design in mind or simply want to add to your collection, we take you through the necessary steps to assure you that your investment is genuine, secure and obtains the correct seal of approval with documentation.
The team of experts behind Vivaz specialise in GIA diamond grading reports which are indisputably the most trusted ‘seal of quality’ in the industry. These reports assure clients that their chosen diamond is exactly what it should be. In addition to providing your report, the Vivaz team will help you make an informed choice when selecting your stone; a choice that suits your unique individual taste and a luxury that lasts a lifetime with you and your memories.”
“For me jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive”
— Lily Collins