Vivaz was founded by Sunaina Chand, a product of her life and experience. Previously in public relations and marketing for the fine diamond jewelry industry, gave her the opportunity to understand luxury craftsmanship on a deeper level, and thus allowing her to have a keen eye for quality and detail.

Vivaz was born of the purest intentions. Sunaina realised very early in her career, that diamond buyers were challenged when trying to source quality diamonds at competitive prices, in an industry where some dealers were only comfortable pursuing short-term transactions. She decided to bridge this gap by launching her own company – VIVAZ – which would enable clients to procure industry expertise to feel assured while purchasing luxurious diamonds.

Sunaina attained her GIA certification to expand her knowledge of natural diamonds and chose to pursue a career as a diamond purveyor. With a blend of elegance, glamour and refinement period Sunaina collaborates with a team of designers and diamond site holders to create contemporary inspired fine diamond jewelry collections. Sunaina always focuses on providing utmost clarity to clients and assists them in the best and most informed decision when making the purchase of a lifetime.

Vivaz caters to clients in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China, India, United States, and the Middle East. Delivering premium service to its esteemed clients around the globe is its mission.

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